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911 Carrera S4

Early 911 Carrera - Orange

Happy Halloween From the crew here at Spotted9s!

Despite the 2010 Halloween and Thanksgiving holidays being over, the team has continued to turn in supercharged sightings of the speeding pumpkins, better known as the Orgasmic Orange colored 911s.  Take your pick by trim or era. Which ever way you choose to go fast in Orange, the Porsche force will always be with you.



Abundance, Gregarious

Would you know what to do with yourself in a room full of Porsche 911’s, especially if the keys were left in the ignition of each one? We spotted this varied array of our favored 9’s from a top secret overhead spy cam of a warehouse whose location has yet to be disclosed. Just know that the Spotted 9’s team will go to the ends of the earth to get you the most interesting gallery of 911s you’ll ever find.

Vintage Porsche 356

A Porsche 356, A Starlet, and A Beach

A Spotted blast from the past, this classic Porsche 356 stars in a photo shoot on a northern California beach appropriately accented with a hollywood starlet posing as a hood ornament. While a Porsche 9xx never made the co-starring role in a James Bond film, this sighting is  reminiscent of a scene from almost any Bond movie with a blonde, an exotic sports car and a beach.

Frontal view of 918 Spyder Concept

Spotted by the 918 Spyder - GrillSpotted by the 918 Spyder - Rear


Spotted at the Geneva Motor Show, this Porsche 918 Spyder Concept car is not only sexy and sleek, but is also part hybrid making it powerful and fuel efficient as well. Thanks to Bob and the good folks at for this sighting. They have 13 more shots of this beauty there.

So we have been accused of being a bit discriminating at Spotted 9s, but we definitely must pay tribute to the discerning era of the Porsche 924 by including this little black number we spotted in an industrial park. Produced by Porsche AG during the 12 year period from 1976 to 1988, the 924 is a two-door, 2+2 coupé, which replaced the 914 as the company’s entry-level model. It was the first Porsche model powered by a water-cooled, front-mounted engine to make it to production.

Acqua Marine Porsche 911 Whale Tail

Aqua Marine 911 Whale Tail

Posing outside of a Denver, CO hotel, this Aqua Marine 911 was simply waiting to be spotted.

99ArenaRed996 1999-Arena Red 911 Carrera spotted outside of my garage exemplifies the breed!

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