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Not sure that this Carrera would provide much cover during war time, but the pedrail wheels, also known as catepillar tracks, provide truer all terrain / off-road traction than any Cayenne ever would. With the top down and the tracks in motion, while there is no room for a rotating turret, this Carrera is sure to provide a new perspective to front-line combat. 

Rear Shot of Carrera

Back to the future represents the rear view of a 2012 Carerra 4 S

Spotted on @TheRealMA, is the luxury and performance leader in showcasing Porsche and hundreds of other leading performance vehicles. The rear view of this 2012 Carrera 4S Cabriolet was striking enough to make it on the return of Spotted9s.

The flash sale site is offering up this 1974 Yellow 911 Carrera (one of only 528 manufactured that year) to its members on Friday 3/25 at Noon Eastern. There are no details on whether or not this will be a flash sale, giveaway, auction or other promotion. The clamoring for this gem is reaching a fever pitch, which is why we included the information here for the Spotted9s family to not miss out.

Yellow vintage Carrera

Vintage Yellow Porsche Carrera from Gilt

Vintage Porsche Carrera

Note, you must be a member of GILT Man to access the details of the promotion.

Good Luck! As the team here at Spotted9s will certainly be after this vintage hottie as well.