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While the real star of this sighting is not the Mocha colored 996, we thought it prudent to include this sighting on Spotted 9s given our affinity for speed, rockets, and of course Porsche 911s.

On your mark, get ready, get set….

 Our friends at Driven, the auto blog of the hit email newsletter spotted this dynamic duo via the site  It is a Bloodhound SSC hybrid fighter jet, Formula 1 car and rocket ship all in one. When it comes down to it, we at Spotted9s believe it really is one of the few only other reasonable things you could compare a 9 with…

Porsche 911 Mirage GT

Black Mirage Spy Photo

From our friends at comes this test track spy photo of the Porsche GT Mirage. As we rubbed our eyes and waited for the ‘kick’ to determine whether or not we were experiencing an Inception , we quickly realized that this spotting of the Porsche Mirage GT was indeed real and we had to share it with you, the Spotted 9’s readers.  Sorry, but you’ll have to determine on your own how to incorporate this concept machine from Porsche into your dreams – or into your own reality. See more images of this magnificent machine at Experience it now in the video below.

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Customized 2001 911 with lift hinge doors

Banana Peeled 911

They say bananas are quite possibly the world’s most perfect fruit, well Porsche enthusiasts all know the world’s most perfect automobile is the Porsche 911, especially when it is customized with the fury of a mad Queen B.  This beauty was spotted in the photo archives of the great Gemballa modified collection of exotic luxury vehicles.

Frontal view of 918 Spyder Concept

Spotted by the 918 Spyder - GrillSpotted by the 918 Spyder - Rear


Spotted at the Geneva Motor Show, this Porsche 918 Spyder Concept car is not only sexy and sleek, but is also part hybrid making it powerful and fuel efficient as well. Thanks to Bob and the good folks at for this sighting. They have 13 more shots of this beauty there.

2 sexy - Zoe Saldana & the silver Cab

Porsche introduces a new model the 2-Sexy, a combination of Zoe Saldana & the Silver Cab - J/K

Zoe Saldana, the beautiful (when she’s not blue) co-star of the highest grossing film of all-time ‘Avatar’ was Spotted in Hollywood walking away from this other beauty a silver 911 Cabriolet.

The Spotted team thinks it may be time to either rename the blog or start a new one called Spotted 10’s starting with Zoe who is a 10+ in stature, intelligence and beauty, and oh yeah, the Cabriolet is nice too!

Every now and then, we might deviate from the norm and highlight unusual sightings of a different breed. In this case we spotted a first cousin of the 9’s, one might even consider it a younger brother. This 2008 Audi R8 was screaming to be on Spotted 9’s! So we listened…

Spotted in Southern area of Charlotte, NC

Spotted in Southern area of Charlotte, NC

Side view of Audi R8 in Southern area of Charlotte, NC

Side view of Audi R8 in Southern area of Charlotte, NC